In a land with odd creatures and evil rulers. Unusual scenery and crazed characters. Mysteries unsolved and places undiscovered. Where will you stand?
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When the five, once peaceful, Kingdoms-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald Kingdoms-of Aetherynn break out in war all appears hopeless. The evil King Varlenx of Diamond Kingdom, the leading Kingdom, has taken over and has sent the Kingdoms into mayhem. Now it seems as though all is lost.

This world is very loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland as well as a fairytale-type place, so keep that in mind with the places and people during Roleplaying.

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 My Charrie Thylia Kaleona

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Flickering Shadows

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PostSubject: My Charrie Thylia Kaleona   Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:51 am

Hai! Sorry if this is the wrong place to put my charrie!!

Name- Thylia Kaleona

Nickname- only a few call her Lia – her close friends

Gender- female

Age- 124

Race- Elvella

Home Kingdom- She was born in the Diamond Kingdom, and will fight with them until the end

Side- Lia was born in the Diamond Kingdom, and she is determined she will die in the Diamond Kingdom.

Profession- She is a knightess, and a very skilled one at that. She has no problems with killing, though, which can also be her downfall.

Kin- Nope. Sorry. Thylia has no idea of her heritage – and she isn’t sure if she even wants to know.

Personality-Thylia is very opinionated and bold. She’s quite a dare-devil, and hates to be wrong. She can be very sarcastic and blunt – sarcasm is like a second language to her! She doesn’t like to be bossed around, and isn’t afraid to speak up for what she believes in, which can get her into a lot of trouble sometimes. She doesn’t take orders from anyone she doesn’t like or trust or respect, which also gets her into a lot of trouble. Like I said before, she is a dare-devil and constantly pushes boundaries. She is pretty loud as well, but that doesn’t mean she can’t listen – she can! Her attention often flickers from thing to thing though.

History- Thylia was born in the Diamond Kingdom, but she doesn’t know her heritage. She lived on the streets, training herself to be one of the best fighters in the Kingdom that wasn’t trained. At the age of ten, she was an accomplished thief, and could fight like a male. By the time she was a hundred, she had been found by a knight now deceased and trained to become a knightess. By the time she was a hundred and ten, she had earned her rank amongst the Diamond Kingdom knights and knightesses.

Weapon(s)- She favours a quarter-staff which had been her mentor’s – it has been enlaid with diamond to harden it and carved into intricate patterns. However, she always carries a small chain-whip and a dagger just in case.

Appearance- Thylia is short and willowy, but she is also quite strong and agile – her muscles are pretty lean. She has long dark hair just above the small of her back nearly always tied up in a pony-tail. Her eyes are dark-green and slanting – the colour of dappled moss in a forest glade. Her skin is pretty pale – strange, considering the time she spends outside! She wears dark clothes that blend in with her background and couldn’t care less about her appearance, even though she is extremely pretty.
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PostSubject: Re: My Charrie Thylia Kaleona   Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:41 pm


This was the right place, yep. Your character sounds cool! And I love her name.^^

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My Charrie Thylia Kaleona
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