In a land with odd creatures and evil rulers. Unusual scenery and crazed characters. Mysteries unsolved and places undiscovered. Where will you stand?
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When the five, once peaceful, Kingdoms-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald Kingdoms-of Aetherynn break out in war all appears hopeless. The evil King Varlenx of Diamond Kingdom, the leading Kingdom, has taken over and has sent the Kingdoms into mayhem. Now it seems as though all is lost.

This world is very loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland as well as a fairytale-type place, so keep that in mind with the places and people during Roleplaying.

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 Aetherynn Description (Map Included)

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PostSubject: Aetherynn Description (Map Included)   Aetherynn Description (Map Included) EmptyWed Jan 13, 2010 1:24 am


Here is a quick layout of Aetherynn as well as a description of the world.

Aetherynn Description (Map Included) Aether10

Aetherynn is an odd world to be sure. When you step into its borders you will discover trees of very odd shapes, walk upon grass that may occasional be a different color than green, encounter a talking animal, and maybe even get tricked by a mischievous wood-nymph. It is a world like no other.

Many large forests cover the land, but beware the very old ones for here is where the live trees dwell. Some may be good, some may not. Certainly not all, but some animals are intelligent and can talk as well and sometimes even wear clothes. Mischief and trickery fills the land like an overgrowth, so watch your step wherever you go.

The people and races here are quite unique. The fashion in Aetherynn is odd and buildings and houses are often peculiar shapes and colors. Riddles and rhymes are loved among the people and solving mind teasers and puzzles is a favorite pastime.

Though this land can seem odd at first sight, and indeed it is, if you look closely you will find many a kind heart and deep soul. Bravery and courage lies here, though it can be rare to find, as well as strong spirits willing to do anything to keep their world together.

Welcome to the odd world of Aetherynn!

Aetherynn Description (Map Included) Signat11
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Aetherynn Description (Map Included)
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