In a land with odd creatures and evil rulers. Unusual scenery and crazed characters. Mysteries unsolved and places undiscovered. Where will you stand?
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When the five, once peaceful, Kingdoms-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald Kingdoms-of Aetherynn break out in war all appears hopeless. The evil King Varlenx of Diamond Kingdom, the leading Kingdom, has taken over and has sent the Kingdoms into mayhem. Now it seems as though all is lost.

This world is very loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland as well as a fairytale-type place, so keep that in mind with the places and people during Roleplaying.

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 The thick Forest

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Fern stepped through the underbrush quietly, hoping none of the forest inhabitants heard her earlier when she was getting prepared for the hunt. It was only a small squirrel she was looking for, but it would feed her and her brother this morning along with the small vegitable garden on the side of the house.
As the darker forest loomed ahead, her keen senses picked up something in the corner of her eye. A rabbit. Slowly she reached behind her back and pulled out an arrow for her bow and notched it. The rabbit seemed to sense her now and it looked up, alarmed, but it couldn't see her or smell her because she had spent long enough mastering the skill of deception. It took all her streangth to not burst out in song and lull it over, because that would be cheeting. Suddenly, a crow cawed and the rabbit took off, but Fern gave chase, not being able to use her wings in the crowded forest. When a stream blocked it's path, the rabbit made a bad choice: it went down the riverbed, which was clear enough that Fern could fly. When she hovered over it, she saw the terrified eyes.
Oh, no.
She couldn't shoot it now that she saw it's eyes. It happened everytime -she was so close to the kill for food when the animal looked up with it's amazingly human eyes. She left the rabbit and found a mink before taking it back to her brother. They had a good meal but Fern was troubled by her lack of fierceness. Frigid (I just need to post him, i forgot to xD) said that he couldn't do it, either, so it was probably just what Faela's did. She shrugged and agreed, though her thoughtful chewing showed that she wasn't so sure.
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The thick Forest
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