In a land with odd creatures and evil rulers. Unusual scenery and crazed characters. Mysteries unsolved and places undiscovered. Where will you stand?
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When the five, once peaceful, Kingdoms-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald Kingdoms-of Aetherynn break out in war all appears hopeless. The evil King Varlenx of Diamond Kingdom, the leading Kingdom, has taken over and has sent the Kingdoms into mayhem. Now it seems as though all is lost.

This world is very loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland as well as a fairytale-type place, so keep that in mind with the places and people during Roleplaying.

July 2019
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PostSubject: Tirasha Redinger   Tirasha Redinger EmptySat Jan 23, 2010 1:22 pm

Name- Tirasha Redinger

Nickname- She can be picky about who calls her by nicknames, but she’s used Tira or Rasha before.

Gender- Female

Age- 21

Race- Human

Home Kingdom- Sapphire Kingdom

Side- Mostly a rebel of the resistance, but leans toward siding with the Sapphire kingdom too.

Profession- Rebel with the resistance, but in a somewhat iffy manner. She may end up just Independent/an independent rebel.

Kin- N/A

Personality- For the most part, Tirasha is a cheerful, go-lucky sort of person. She is used to just taking life as it is thrown at her and rarely tries to ‘fight fate’. If Aetherynn people know about Hakuna Matata that would probably be her motto. Things from yesterday are things from yesterday and do not need to be mused over for the rest of your life(unless they happen to include a person that she doesn’t like, then she could linger on it for a very, very long time). Reflective of her live-in-the-present personality, it is hard to embarrass Tirasha, at least for long amounts of time.

Also reminiscent of that, Tirasha can be painfully forwards at times. She has lots of opinions on everything and does not worry too much about stating them. Leaning towards the vain side, a lot of Tirasha’s opinions on things end up being bad. It is easy to temporarily fascinate her, but after having a little time to consider she will have lots of thoughts to state on whatever the once-fascinating thing was, and they will probably be degrading.
Despite all that, Tirasha is a very loyal person. Whatever she is doing she will usually finish, whoever she is friends with has automatically fallen under her protection. Very few things could be used to persuade her to turn on anyone she likes. Of course, being friends with her does not mean that her opinions of you will be any better, but she might be a little more likely to hold them back.

Lastly, Tirasha is a huge fan of stories of all sorts. She’s a gifted storyteller herself, and rarely forgets a tale once she’s heard it. When needed, she has no problem making them up on the spot too. Her only problem with them is that she can’t read, nor does she have any interest in learning, and so the only ones she knows are what have been carried on verbally (though any kind of verbal story she’s fine with: songs, poems, or however else they’re told).

History- Tirasha was born and raised in the Sapphire kingdom, although she has no place there that she would officially call home, due to her family’s habit of moving themselves or her about. Not only seeing it from all corners, but living in them, has left her perfectly happy to call the entire kingdom hers.

Although both humans, Tirasha’s parents were still a curious combination, her father a dark-skinned, dark-haired, solemn man, and her mother the expected redhead: all freckles and vibrant personality. The traits combined curiously in their only daughter, although there was no denying that she took more after her mother, and always preferred her company growing up. Even now, her mother is still the one person in the world that Tirasha truly respects and in any situation she’ll have something to say about how she would have done this or that.

At first, Tirasha’s family lived near the border of the Diamond kingdom, although when she was six her parents decided to send her off to live with an aunt while they moved. With Tirasha’s habit of disappearing after curiosities, it would be hard to keep track of her amid the usual mess of moving. At first, this was just another fun adventure for the young Tirasha, but after being stuck with her very stern and not at all adventurous aunt for several years, she grew sick of it and, now ten, started making daily escapades to find her parents.

Seeing as she always told her aunt before heading out on these though (or at least left a big enough mess in her wake to basically have done so), it was never long before she was caught and dragged back to her temporary home. The fact that she started attempting this in the middle of winter was little help; no matter what she tried, there was no helping leaving a trail of some sort in the snow. Luckily, the next spring her parents did show up again, much to the relief of both females.

Exactly what her parents did in the time they went missing, past moving, isn’t entirely known; every time Tirasha asked her mother had a different story for her, the beginning of Tirasha’s own habit of spinning all sorts of tall tales. Their new home lay on the southern edge of the Sapphire kingdom, a small log house with a steep roof for when it snowed. With no trees to climb like Tirasha thought any other girl her age should be doing, she took to climbing up that roof. A particularly bad fall from its slopes led to the broken leg that would leave her with a bit of a limp the rest of her life, although it did nothing to stop her from climbing up the roof again once she could do so again.

By the time Tirasha was fourteen her family had moved again- her mother really couldn’t stand staying in the same place for too long, and Tirasha fervently agreed with her. They had only lived in that house a year before her parents told her she should go off and find a new place to live as a ‘coming of age’ sort of thing. Although Tirasha wasn’t really at all sour about the several years she had been left at her aunts house several years ago, she decided she ought to have some adventures of her own while she was out. She never left the Sapphire kingdom, but it was a few years before she came home saying that they ought to move to the northern border. Their off-center home simply wasn’t meant to be. Her adventures while scouting out this place are questionable too; like her mother did to her, she tells a different story every time she’s asked. It was simply tradition.

The only thing known for sure was that in her wanderings, she finally noticed what her parents had been keeping from her for as long as they knew about it: the slow demise of the five kingdoms. Even just from within the borders of the Sapphire kingdom, she could hear about and see that there was trouble afoot.

Eighteen at the time of their last move, Tirasha spent an edgy final year with her parents, but finally decided that she had to go out and do something about what she saw as silly squabbles that a travelworn person like her should have no problem with. Her parents weren’t so sure about that, but did nothing to stop her. In fact, they did quite the opposite and gifted her with a dagger that Tirasha would cherish but rarely use. Armed with the sling she had been killing birds with since she was ten, and now this blade, Tirasha felt even more confident, and headed cheerfully out on her own, this time with no plans of returning with a new house in mind for her parents.

Soon enough though, it became obvious that Tirasha wasn’t capable of putting out her hand, shouting, “Stop!” and ending all Aetherynn’s problems. Her next choice was her next discovery- the resistance, which she joined eagerly, although she isn’t the best about keeping to the group. Her bias towards her homeland, combined with her vanity and general doubt of anyone else’s potential, hasn’t been working out well for her and now Tirasha is half considering leaving again to work on her own as she planned.

Weapon(s)- A small, nondescript dagger, basically just a steel blade with a handle wrapped in black leather, and a sling. (Not surprisingly, Tirasha makes an effort to avoid close combat.)

Appearance- An overall short and very thin person, Tirasha barely crests 5’2” and looks even smaller because of her bony build. With practically no bosom to speak of and her thin legs, she’s far from being much to look at. A lot of people, in fact, seem to describe her as having a ‘half-starved’ appearance; everything about Tirasha is just gaunt and fragile looking. Despite her appearance, she is a strong person (although quite possibly only through willpower, not muscle) with lean muscles stretched tightly over her bones. Her biggest weakness when it comes to physical features is her bad left leg. In usual circumstances, it doesn’t bother her much, but if it’s been worked hard, she will start limping and often has to stop moving altogether until it’s been rested.

Usually Tirasha wears a tight-fitting leather vest with a sleeveless white undershirt beneath. Thin black threads hold the vest closed; there are two strands that are tied in a zigzag pattern down the front of the article. It takes a while for her to get that on and off, but she rarely goes without so it makes little difference. A long blue skirt usually covers the lower half of her body, with patches here and there of a variety of colors and patterns. Not a particularly acute sewer, but also poor, Tirasha usually just tries to hold on to whatever clothes she can as long as possible and crookedly fix them up every once in a while rather than try to make new ones or save up the money for fabric or clothing.

A slender neck, probably one of Tirasha’s few attractive features, leads to her head. Her head, like the rest of her, is small and it looks like the skin has just been stretched over her skull with practically nothing in between. The ridge of her cheekbone is high, giving a stern appearance to her expression that her eyes often seem to counter. Tirasha’s eyes are a radiant shade of emerald green and always reflect whatever she happens to be feeling at the moment. Lined with thick black-red lashes, they also seem abnormally large in comparison to the rest of her. Easily intrigued by anything, Tirasha’s eyes are also usually opened wide and thus seem even larger. Her nose, on the other hand, is small and spattered with reddish freckles that usually seem to blend in with her darker skin but, since her freckles are more red than brown, they do become visible if you pay attention. Her lips are thin and usually have a pinkish-red tinge around their edges from Tirasha’s habit of licking them when she’s thinking.

Tirasha’s hair is a dark auburn color, thick and slightly wavy. Usually she keeps her hair in a loose braid; even then it reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her hair is Tirasha’s favorite trait about herself; she brushes it obsessively every morning and evening and always does her best to keep it clean and at least semi-nice looking.

((Sorry, her history is kind of... not so good when it comes to anything happening to her, but it was enjoyable to write. >.> And if we need anything else in the title, I'll change that too. I just didn't see anything about it.))
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PostSubject: Re: Tirasha Redinger   Tirasha Redinger EmptySat Jan 23, 2010 6:27 pm

Looks wonderful! Very detailed!


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