In a land with odd creatures and evil rulers. Unusual scenery and crazed characters. Mysteries unsolved and places undiscovered. Where will you stand?
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When the five, once peaceful, Kingdoms-Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald Kingdoms-of Aetherynn break out in war all appears hopeless. The evil King Varlenx of Diamond Kingdom, the leading Kingdom, has taken over and has sent the Kingdoms into mayhem. Now it seems as though all is lost.

This world is very loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland as well as a fairytale-type place, so keep that in mind with the places and people during Roleplaying.

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Canon Character

Name- Lytherra Lyathein

Nickname- Lyth, everyone calls her this, most do not know her full name is Lytherra

Gender- Female

Age- 19

Race- Elvella

Home Kingdom- Emerald Kingdom

Side- Rebel of the Resistance

Profession- Leader of the Resistance

Kin- N/A All were killed.

Personality- Adventurous and full of life sums up Lyth. She loves nothing better than to find her way into crazy schemes and daredevil plots, and she is good at finding them too. Lyth's mind is like a swarming, busy beehive, but instead of bees crazy, wacky schemes and ideas replace them. One could never be too sure what she would do next. Sometimes she would just be sitting down to a cup of tea when an idea strikes and next thing you know she is out fighting wild beasts or jumping off waterfalls just for the fun of it. Adventure was her life, next to saving her world from the destruction of meaningless war. She is a strong, respected leader, though many wonder at her methods and ideas for they usually sound a little wacky at first. She doesn’t get frightened easily, though the risk of one of her followers deaths does haunt her often. Her temper and feistiness are other strong flaws of hers and pop up frequently. She can get quite haughty around an enemy or someone just trying to annoy her. Getting on her bad side has never been a good idea. But if you can get past her strong personality you will find a heart willing to do anything for the returning of peace to her world.

History- Lyth was born and raised in Emerald Kingdom in a little cabin in the woods. Her father was a black smith and often made weapons and armor, but his secret joy was to use the weapons he made. He taught his little ‘Lythie’ much about swordplay from when she was very young, though she found archery to be her favorite pastime and proved to be quite skilled with the bow.

Lyth loved her parents and home but always wished for more adventure and excitement in her life. When she turned fifteen her parents reluctantly let her go off and explore the world, feeling as though she could now take care of herself, for she was quite the fireball. Lyth explored the world of Aetherynn with great enthusiasm and soaked in every moment of it, she found new places and had countless adventures, good and dangerous.

After a year of her adventuring she decided it was time to head home. She had heard rumors of the King and Queen of Diamond Kingdom dying tragically and that their young son, Prince Varlenx, was to take over. Lyth had met Varlenx on one of her adventures once. She had always dreamed of seeing the leading Kingdom and its glistening diamond castle along with the beloved King and Queen. So with determination she went there. It took some negotiating with the guards to let her meet with the King and Queen but she eventually managed it, she had always had a knack for talking people into things. The King and Queen welcomed her graciously and she had a wonderful meal with them. It was unimaginable; she could not believe how nice they were, they reminded her of her own parents.

But then Prince Varlenx walked into the room. At the very sight of him Lyth saw trouble. He gave her a sneering look as he sat down to his meal.

“Why have you let this commoner dine with us?” he asked his parents curtly.

“She is a guest to us, Varlenx, I ask that you show her respect,” King Darlenx answered kindly.

Varlenx only gave her a cold look with no respect at all.

Upon request, Lyth told them of where she lived and of her home and parents. She would never forget that wonderful meal, though something about how Varlenx listened intently on where she lived disturbed her severely, though she could not imagine why.

Now upon hearing that he was to be a ruler of all the kingdoms troubled her intensely and she wished to hurry home. It took her a month to return and what she found there is still implanted in her memory and refuses to leave. Smoke filled the air as her cabin stood in flames, and somehow she knew her parents were dead inside. Men, whom she recognized later to be knights of Diamond Kingdom, could be seen scurrying off into the woods. Without a thought she pulled out her bow and shot two of them. The remaining three spotted her and took chase. She fought them hard but they finally captured her and brought her to Diamond Kingdom. They chained her hands up in a dark prison where the new king, Varlenx, came to greet her.

“So I have finally found you,” he laughed.

“What have you done? Why did you destroy my home and parents? What did I ever do to you?” Lyth questioned with rage.

“I did not like you the moment I found you sitting in my dining room chatting with my parents,” Varlenx spat back. “I vowed the moment it was my turn on the throne I would get you back.”

Lyth, with great effort, kicked the King with her foot making him double over. When the guards came to restrain her she managed to get the keys and undo her chains. With a great endeavor, along with obtaining a large gash on her left arm from a fight with one of the knights, Lyth made it out of the castle.

Soon after this King Varlenx broke the kingdoms out into war. Lyth, now being searched with a vengeance by King Varlenx and not believing in this meaningless war, decided she would form up a resistance, knowing that some people of the kingdoms surely did not agree in the senseless battling either. She was used to hiding now anyway, and she had a bone to pick with Varlenx. She knew war was necessary in some cases but she also knew it needed a purpose, and this war had none. She takes up a home in a large cave in Emerald Kingdom but rarely goes there because she much rather travel. Now she is the leader of the Resistance, using her cave as the Resistance's base, and does everything in her power to stop the King and bring peace once again to her beloved world.

Weapon(s)- A sword and a bow (see character pic).
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